Tuesday, March 21, 2017


This weekend we took advantage of an open day and schedule to stick to the coast and take in some great coffee, food and scenic walks:

We slipped into Charcoal Venice right as the crowded LA brunch scene was calming down and enjoyed a quiet ambience at what is typically poppin.
I sound old.

DH and his bloody Mary
I cannot drink this even though it looks mad delicious... but I do enjoy watching him crunch on his celery (can't stand celery either) as he sips it down slowly.

Kouign Amann
I had to ask what the heezy that means and they told me flaky pastry with vanilla custard.
SOLD! It was fantastic.

I'm drawn to super cute and simple shaped cups and mugs and will share photos of them with you.
See above.

Charcoal's short rib hash - muy delicioso

Venice Canals

Venice Beach

Still gorgeous when moody.

Coffee and snacks have become a cherished ritual we thoroughly enjoy together.
It's important to have that thing that causes you to just pause, take joy in such a simple thing and be.

Also- we started using a coffee subscription service Misto Box and we absolutely love it.
Highly recommend.

Then it was off to dinner with the fam in Acne boots and Zara black pieces.

Here's to another great week!


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