Sunday, February 19, 2017

This week.

This week of February is always full of lurv due to Valentine's Day and my big sister's birthday.
Both events were so delightful...

First, shoutout to DH for delivering on the flower front.
This bouquet is beyond.

Just beyond... thank you.
{Flowers from here}

For dinner, we went to Kali for their tasting menu:

This man and his cowlick are everything to me.
Happy Valentine's Day.

The best foie gras I've ever had my friends.

I'm never sure if we're supposed to eat those pretty flowers... but I do. 

Black barley risotto oh me oh my.


Beautiful and tasty chocolate dessert - love the display.

All I need. Dinner and flowers.

= = =

My big sister Jennifer has been working on her side hustle with a passion and I had the treat of paying her a visit on her day of birth...


You can check out her work and prints here.

As we're getting older just a simple dinner with our loved ones seems to be more than enough. 
It was a delightful time. I love you so much.
Happy birthday.

The birthday girl in all her glory!
(and that cheesecake tho)

The parental units.

And us.

Have a fantastic weekend friends.

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