Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Five.

A lot of folks in my inner circle have been cursing the rain but I for one am loving it.
I took a short trip to Cupertino last weekend (update is coming!) and seeing the lakes all filled up again and the lush greenery along the highway was refreshing and brought back memories of my childhood when those drives were my favorite getaways.

So this week, I am still grateful for the rain...

Day dreaming (always) of those high ceilings and generous windows letting that natural light pour in... I'd never leave.

Finally watched Moonlight and oh my.
Brilliant brilliant brilliant.

Milan Fashion Week is in full swing and it is fun this year! Loving it. Will be showing my faves shortly. 
And it is true... the men do just casually dress like this all over Italy. 
The best dressed man I saw while on holiday there was a man casually on a train falling asleep to a book. 

Well. It's just been a week of cramming a lot of writing and a lot of activities in-between. At times, adulting can get overwhelming and you start to question just about everything.
But it is safe to say, we're all going to be okay.
{Source: Tumblr}

Enjoy your weekend friends.

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