Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Five.

Is it me or are we all just getting used to waking up with an inbox full of crazy news updates?
Once again, this is why it's even more imperative we take a breather and appreciate the small things...

This cutie. 
DH says we can get a dog when we get a lawn...
*Begins to pray for a lawn*

Grateful for just a spatter of rain here in LA as I am watching all the fashion elite trudge through sludge in the middle of New York's snow storm.
Also- I'm starting to warm up to corsets. 
(Psst. Zara has some great ones right now)

Meditating on this quote as we near Valentine's Day. 
I'm excited for our quiet delicious meal we have planned for that special night.

Mother nature's beautiful gifts that keep giving.
Flowers. Always and always.

Finally, a surge of hope.
Because it's all we have sometimes.
Happy weekend.
NYFW updates soon!


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