Tuesday, January 10, 2017


For our first Italian stop, we took the Eurorail from Rome to Venice to check off a bucket list item - a gondola ride through the canals! 
(I had to)

To get to Venice from our AirBnb in Rome, we took the metro (which was mind blowingly easy and so convenient - c'mon Los Angeles...) to the EuroRail which was delightful to say the least.

My dad & I (left) - My little sister, Mijean & my mom (right) 
{Also, God bless Snapchat filters that early in the morning}   

Upon arrival, it was really everything you would think it would be and more...
(even on a dreary day)


The next time I come here, I must stay at Aman!

So glad my parents came with and saw this beautiful place with me.

Steaming hot and so good.

The start of many gelato stops

It was magical.
And only the beginning.

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