Monday, February 17, 2014

Sweet February.

The first half of this sweet month via my photo diary...

Beautiful flowers

Pre-Valentine's Day treat
How sweet and perfect is this candy topper?

A dozen Krispy Kreme donuts delivered to the office

Pink lemonade from a dry warm weekend in Southern Cali where the winter bypassed us completely (not that we're complaining)

Delicious mid-day sandwiches 

Mid-day latte in Beverly Hills in new ombre'd hair and casual denim and spikes
(and succulents hanging on the wall)

Sprinkles ice cream for dessert

Red velvet for yours truly
Very delicious I might add!

Korean BBQ at Dong Il Jang


And kimchi fried rice at the very end
So delish!

It was a fantastic and delicious handful of weeks and I hope for beautiful days to come.



Anonymous said...

amazing pictures! im hungry now...

Anonymous said...

Great pics and food

Marley said...

Yummy foods! Glad you had an enjoyable vday weekend.