Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Wonderland.

Hello lovelies!
It's been too long.

With school over and work calming down (for the time being), I finally have time to blog my heart out.

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday with your family.
This year, our Christmas was cozy and quite perfect.

Each year, the theme of our Christmas changes, and I decided to go for a less traditional color scheme and the result ended up being surprisingly beyond my expectations. 

Every Christmas Eve, my family and I crank up the Christmas music and prep the banquet table for the big day.

 Each family member had their own little Christmas tree name card.

That's my mom in the background.
Hi mom!

Every Christmas morning, my big sister Jennifer cooks us the cutest Christmas-themed breakfast.

This year's breakfast consisted of reindeer pancakes and donuts.
So cute!!

= = = 

One of the greatest things about my mother.. is her ability to whip together a fantastic meal for any and every occasion

It was the warmest Christmas yet.
With temps in the 80's, it seemed a bit ridiculous but we were outside BBQing it up!
(More like.. my dad barbecuing and me watching)

While in the backyard, I saw my mother's cacti and succulent collection getting rather out of control.

= = = 

Next… of course… le photobooth

 Me & my little sister Mijean

 My mom and aunt got in on the fun

 My lovely mother

= = = 

And after gift exchanges, a white elephant game (where I stole my grandma's gift and she got mad at me), and champagne, we ended with our cookie decorating contest

 Christmas themed sugar cookies

I was so delighted to find these cute sprinkles!
$1 at Target too.

 And here are our final outcomes!
Mine is the Christmas tree on the left.
But sadly, I didn't even place in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

= = = 

Later in the evening, my cousin gifted us with her hand-made home-made cake pops that humbled any of us who thought we were ├╝ber crafty

I mean… wow.

= = = 

With New Years approaching… I wish you all a memorable week as we close out 2013.
This has been the best year of my life thus far, and I can't wait for the big events of 2014!