Friday, November 1, 2013

Pretty in Pink.

Let's talk about the color for Fall this year.
Carnation pink.

You know what pops into my mind when those two words are put together? 
{Ugh! He had so much potential! Then the Prada thing and the post-it's! Omg the disappointment.}

I'll stick to the fashion focus here that all began with some inspiration from the simple and chic Jil Sander…

That amazing show was more than a year ago, and as research shows, it takes about that long for that style to hit the trend alerts here in the U.S.

So now we have the must-have color in every form on the streets.
And although I'm not a huge fan of pink, I'm warming up to it slowly…

And not just in coats…

And sweets in pink just seem to taste a tad bit more delightful, no?

 Please note the heavy presence of donuts.
As I am currently craving one… or five.

A touch of pink for your home?

And last but not least, it is Friday, and I wish you a beautiful and exciting start to the month of November with beautiful pinks in nature's finest flowers…

Just a little note.
I kind of caved and had to get me a pink piece for the Fall.
Stay tuned for a post on it soon.

= = = 

I hope you all have a fun weekend planned ahead!
This weekend, I am foregoing social functions to take care of some business.

These days, it seems like every weekend is chalk full of birthdays, parties, dinners, drinks, etc. I have realized now more than ever, it is absolutely necessary to decline unapologetically in order to take care of your priorities first.

And if that means I just need some time away from the social scenes to spend some time alone, then I deserve that.
And so do you!

So have a fabulous weekend ladies and gentlemen. 
Don't ever apologize for being a little bossy. 

- Jessica -


idyllic said...

i love this post. and i agree! im not a pink person but for sure this year.. keep em comin!

Anonymous said...

Time to whip out my pink again

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