Monday, October 21, 2013


On the eve of the anniversary of my 21st birthday, my mind is light yet full of reflections of the best year of my life thus far.

I feel so blessed and for those of you who were a constant presence in my life this past year, you were and are so valuable to me.

Highlight reel!

New York with my sisters.

Time Square at night

Nights out downtown with my besties Cynthia & Amanda.

Epic trips to San Francisco...

Shenanigans with my little sister.

...and my big sister.

Wedding crashing

Rage nights with the crew

Breakfasts with Annabelle

Hikes up on Griffith

The Black Keys in concert

And last but not least...
My parents.. who made it all happen for me with their limitless love and generosity.
Thank you for always supporting me, encouraging me and challenging me to be better. 
I love you.

I am genuinely excited for the next year of my life.
With big things on the horizon and large scale changes professionally and personally, I can't wait to do this again in 365 days with all of you (my VIP crew).

Thank you again for your presence and for all the laughs my family & friends.



Anonymous said...

Happy bday happy layday!

Have a grand day!

AmaEly said...

My tea cup and my heart runneth over for you! <3 LP FOREVER

fshnvctm said...

Much Love my dear Miyun!!!! Annabelle