Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Trending: Wrap Around Plaid.

Remember a good five years ago when plaid burst back onto the scene and everyone looked like they fell out of a winter log cabin trip in the Adirondacks? 
{Do people even wear plaid in the Adirondacks?}

Well we all thought those days were over- and they are somewhat.
Thank God.

But now... we've found a new way to wear plaid that is less obnoxious-in-your-face, and more cool street chic in a laid back I-don't-care-but-I-really-do way that actually works!

That's right.
All you need to do?
Tie it around thy waist.

And luckily for us, it's a transitional piece we can wear at the tail end of the summer and well into the Fall.

So less this:

And more this:

In the summer, with denim shorts + tank top + {Converse or combat boots- you choose}

And when it starts to get a bit chilly...
With skinnies + flats (or Timberlands)

That's all for this magical hump day!
I hope you've had a successful week thus far.

Stay tuned for some new items coming to my store this Friday!


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