Monday, July 8, 2013

The Fourth.

Hello lovelies!
It's back to real life after our very long weekend.

I hope everyone has a cup of coffee handy as we pummel through this week.

Every fourth of July, the Lee clan gets together for my grandma's birthday in the OC and we basically eat and veg out.
Was anyone's weekend any different?

{Skinnies: Zara, Striped tee: Gap, Heels: BCBG} 

For family get-together's, I opt for a more casual won't-get-overly-criticized-by-my-aunts look with stripes, denim and a blazer.
I still could not dodge one or two smart remarks.
I consider that a success.

For lunch, my aunt (who is a professional call-the-caterer) ordered us up some BBQ
Barbecue chicken
Obligatory 4th of July main course

 Garlic rolls.
I dare you to try just eating one.
Guess what?
Not possible. 

Salad I picked through to selfishly grab the enormous chunks of avocado.
My aunt caught me and chased me around the kitchen for a minute.
Cardio? Done.

Beautiful bright flowers from my sister

My cousin's cute pooch Mikey

Holidays are quite a simple quaint joy in life, yes?
Family, food and fun.

Hope you had a good one!

Don't forget to... 


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