Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fish Tacos & Food Festivals.

It's hump day!
Aren't we all a little mentally checked out with the holiday in the middle of the week?
It makes for bizarre work energy for sure.

But recapping last weekend brings a smile to my face as it was the perfect summer weekend with friends and loved ones.

First, a big congratulations to my friend Lindy who got married last Friday!
It was a beautiful beach wedding and I don't know what I was thinking wearing stilettos to the sand.

The weather was perfect and it was all so beautiful.
Congratulations Lindy & Jeremy!

Okay but keeping it real, I was hungry.
So I had to try out the local fish taco joint and I was so so satisfied with the outcome:
Oh... and I had to have some fish and chips too.

And as if that wasn't enough food, the next day the LA Street Food Festival was held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

So it was very HOT this past weekend anywhere in Los Angeles, and I think any normal human being wouldn't qualify sweating in areas you didn't know one could sweat, while waiting in lines to get food as FUN, but I sure had some yummy food and met some cool LA folks who love food just as much as me!

Oxtail tacos

Hot dogs



Soda floats & mini glazed donuts

And then we kicked up our feet and enjoyed live music while on the lawn at the Rose Bowl.

That wraps it all up.
I'm looking forward to an even more amazing holiday weekend with the fambam!
What are you all lovelies doing for the 4th?


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