Friday, July 26, 2013

For you, from me.

Hi friends!
This has been a long time coming, but I'm so excited to share my online boutique with you where you can shop my closet for new and used shoes, clothes & accessories.

Check in weekly for new items posted and please feel free to email me any questions you may have regarding how to style special pieces.

I know when I shop, the first question I ask myself when deliberating a purchase is: "What would I wear this with?"

Well I have plenty of ideas no matter what your specific style so please feel free to email me anytime:

Have a fabulous weekend and tune in to future posts!
Share the love friends!
Thank you!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fall Casual with J. Crew.

One indication of aging?
I look forward to Fall more than Summer.

But to be honest, aren't there more ways to utilize your wardrobe with cooler weather than your summer tank tops and shorts? 

I fell in love with J. Crew's Fall 2013 campaign because of its very easy-to-wear outfits and my favorite model Liu Wen being the face of the campaign:

 This is my fav.

 Second fav.

What's great about this collection is I'm sure we all have one or two pieces similar to the ones shown somewhere in our closet.
Let these photos serve as inspiration then to fish out your old Fall-wear and prep for the cooler weather to come (soon I hope!).

Have a beautiful day friends!


Monday, July 8, 2013

The Fourth.

Hello lovelies!
It's back to real life after our very long weekend.

I hope everyone has a cup of coffee handy as we pummel through this week.

Every fourth of July, the Lee clan gets together for my grandma's birthday in the OC and we basically eat and veg out.
Was anyone's weekend any different?

{Skinnies: Zara, Striped tee: Gap, Heels: BCBG} 

For family get-together's, I opt for a more casual won't-get-overly-criticized-by-my-aunts look with stripes, denim and a blazer.
I still could not dodge one or two smart remarks.
I consider that a success.

For lunch, my aunt (who is a professional call-the-caterer) ordered us up some BBQ
Barbecue chicken
Obligatory 4th of July main course

 Garlic rolls.
I dare you to try just eating one.
Guess what?
Not possible. 

Salad I picked through to selfishly grab the enormous chunks of avocado.
My aunt caught me and chased me around the kitchen for a minute.
Cardio? Done.

Beautiful bright flowers from my sister

My cousin's cute pooch Mikey

Holidays are quite a simple quaint joy in life, yes?
Family, food and fun.

Hope you had a good one!

Don't forget to... 


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Animal Print Sandals.

Let's face it.
High heels are undeniably fabulous and all, but sometimes my relationship with my high heels can be a bit taxing.
I'm not one to promote infidelity, but sometimes I just need a break. 
And that break is called: flat. sandals.

But, I cringe at the thought of how un-fabulous a boring pair of sandals can be, so for me, I personally love the monochrome look (think whites, blacks, neutrals) with an added oomph via animal print sandals.

With summer weather officially here to stay (for its extended period here in southern Cali), it's time to invest in a pair that will get you through your casual days where the last thing you want to worry about is numb toes and blistered heels (ladies, you know what I'm talking about).
Let me help you shop for some with a few PrettyStems certified styles I found for you!

1. Target: $22.99
2. Go Jane: $17.10
3. Piperlime: $39.99
4. MakeMeChic: $23.70 
5. Nine West: $50.99
6. Volcom: $46.00

Because animal print anything just makes an outfit more exciting, no?

Once upon a time ago, I refused to wear animal print because I thought it was too LOUD.
But a quiet animal print pair of sandals is subtle yet just the right amount of saucy.
Try it out... you may fall in love with it.


Fish Tacos & Food Festivals.

It's hump day!
Aren't we all a little mentally checked out with the holiday in the middle of the week?
It makes for bizarre work energy for sure.

But recapping last weekend brings a smile to my face as it was the perfect summer weekend with friends and loved ones.

First, a big congratulations to my friend Lindy who got married last Friday!
It was a beautiful beach wedding and I don't know what I was thinking wearing stilettos to the sand.

The weather was perfect and it was all so beautiful.
Congratulations Lindy & Jeremy!

Okay but keeping it real, I was hungry.
So I had to try out the local fish taco joint and I was so so satisfied with the outcome:
Oh... and I had to have some fish and chips too.

And as if that wasn't enough food, the next day the LA Street Food Festival was held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

So it was very HOT this past weekend anywhere in Los Angeles, and I think any normal human being wouldn't qualify sweating in areas you didn't know one could sweat, while waiting in lines to get food as FUN, but I sure had some yummy food and met some cool LA folks who love food just as much as me!

Oxtail tacos

Hot dogs



Soda floats & mini glazed donuts

And then we kicked up our feet and enjoyed live music while on the lawn at the Rose Bowl.

That wraps it all up.
I'm looking forward to an even more amazing holiday weekend with the fambam!
What are you all lovelies doing for the 4th?