Wednesday, June 26, 2013


For anyone who mildly knows anything about me, knows I love food.
Not just any kind of food, but the most delicious and more often than not... the least healthy.

Living in Los Angeles gives you plenty of opportunities to feel guilty and unhealthy in comparison to the droves of men and women in their fitness gear climbing Runyon and eating at the hipster vegan joints like Cafe Gratitude. 
{Okay but confession, I'm totally trying it out this weekend for brunch}

I have snubbed such a lifestyle and was under the impression I could maintain my teenage body whilst frequenting my taco truck on 6th & Vermont at 2 am and doing donut runs with my roommates who I violently wake up in order to not go han solo.

But the time has come for me to find some sort of balance between these two worlds.
So I am currently exploring my options of healthy eats:

Grilled veggies

Variations of quinoa + veggies + chicken
By the way, I had no idea how to pronounce quinoa (keen-wah) until I had dinner with my friend Amanda who gently and graciously corrected me: "It's not kee-no-wuh, it's keen-wah."
Thanks boo.

Salad variations with my must-have avocados in it

I hope shrimp is healthy... with veggies

And eggs too?... with veggies?

Understandably, just eating right won't be what bring me to my finish line.
So I've started a work out plan with my boyfriend + sister who are keeping me accountable!
It's hard to not work out when the person you want to hang with is waiting for you to suit up and hit the treadmill. 

But it's the healthiest decision I've made all year long I feel.
And I'm so excited!

But keeping it real, this transition isn't as easy as pictures and inspirational quotes would lead us to believe.
Trust that I sit here daydreaming of chocolate chip pancakes.

But I am fully aware it will not lead me to my goal of:

Alright folks.
I've officially hopped onto the fitness and great health bandwagon after fighting it tooth and nail for the past 20+ years.
Wish me luck!

I wish you a beautiful Wednesday this fine summer day.


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