Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer's here.

It's official.
Summer is finally here.

One of the many perks of living on the west coast is the access to the beaches literally 30 minutes from anywhere you are.

Although this convenient paradise is so easy to access, I confess I do not use it enough.
Every summer, thousands of Angelenos swear to go to the beach more often.
Or is it just me?

Either way, summer is upon us all.
And I couldn't be happier.
Why is it that everything seems so much more delicious with the sun?

Iced teas taste more fresh.

Veggies taste more crisp.

And clothes and shoes get way more comfortable.
The two staple pieces of a comfy summer are:

A fabulous pair of simple sandals that you will wear everywhere.
Let those toes breathe.

A romper:
I happen to love wearing black, even in the summer.
So a relaxed black romper would be my number one choice.
Wearing them with ankle boots and a crossover bag would be perfect summer concert wear.

Since chambray seems here to stay, a light denim romper with oxfords is a mighty cute look.

Perhaps you want to dress it up?
Try a lace detail romper to wear for a summer evening out.

This gingham look is runway certified by supermodel Liu Wen for the Dolce & Gabanna Spring 2011 RTW show

If I could wear rompers every day, I swear I would.
The pros are obvi: comfort, comfort and cute.
The cons only creep up on us when we realize we must unclothe ourselves like babies when we need to use the restroom.
Who thinks about that when making the purchase??

I will be updating on some more summer fresh looks for you to try so stay tuned.

= = = 

With a busy week coming up, and an even busier weekend, I will have lots to update you with in the summer weeks to come!

I hope you lovelies all have a busy summer schedule that will keep you galavanting around town and enjoying the warm weather and summer sun.


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deekay said...

Interesting choice of style. Have a great summer!