Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ulyana Sergeenko.

I have been a little... absent lately.
Forgive me?

As I transition back into my blogging busy-ness, I have found the most romantic transition into haute couture with Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko's lookbook shots.

But before we dive in, can we just take a minute to applaud Ulyana's street style look that has dominated the blogosphere:

The perfect poof!

How does one wear a lace apron in public?
Like this. 

The Prada clutch of my dreams.

And this.
Oh. My.

With that personal style, can you imagine what her line will look like?
Let me show you...

{Source: Here}
Aaaaand it's amazing, yes?

It feels so good to be back.
I'm jumping into the shows that have passed me by this spring as my life went fast fast forward with work + school + LIFE. 

But I can't complain because right now, life is just too good.
On my mind now that summer is right around the corner...

Fresh flowers in the apartment are now a must.
I remember once upon a time ago I despised flowers.
"They die" was my excuse for refusing them.
(Can you believe I refused them?!)

But now my grown self must have them.
The simplicity of it is so beautiful, I can't resist anymore.

Warm summer nights with sweet bubbly.

And daydreaming a lot lately of my perfect workspace/studio with an abundance of natural sunlight and color to keep the inspiration going.

I am officially back!
Although you can find me here and here too.

I hope all you lovelies enjoy a beautiful weekend!
I'll be back soon.