Thursday, April 4, 2013

We here!

Hi friends!
I have a little bit of time before we head out to dinner so I thought I'd update you!

So last night's not-so-amazing-packing attempt resulted in me not sleeping a single minute.

But still, we made it on time to LAX.
Even after my big sis slept in... 

I wasn't so thrilled to be there at the moment.

But we got ourselves together by the time we boarded our plane and got comfy for the long flight.
My big sis Jennifer & I

My lil and big sis
AKA the loves of my life

Fast forward 5 hours later, we arrived at JFK which I for some reason thought would be fab.
But it's just as drab as LAX:

I may be biased, but I still think San Francisco has the best airport.

After an hour long taxi ride with a driver who lectured us the entire way telling us why New York is better than Los Angeles... we finally made it to our hotel The Grand Hyatt in Manhattan!

 Special thank you to our friend Albert who hooked it up for us at this beautiful hotel!

Our gorgeous room on the 30th floor... so divine!

And a special thank you to Ada for the complimentary chocolate covered strawberries we gobbled up.

Alright friends.
We must get ready to head out to dinner with a foodie friend.
I can't wait!

Stay tuned...


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Stephanie said...

yay!! make sure you guys take pictures of everything so it's like we were all there too =) ps. props for blogging while on vaca!