Thursday, April 4, 2013

Time Square & Hagi.

My friends can attest to this: I am not one for tourist-y activities in a new city.
I'd much rather take in the must-have food joints and partake in boutique shopping.
But one thing I could not pass up tonight was a trip to Time Square.

I had to throw on a beanie and scarf after realizing shortly that once the sun goes down here, and the wind kicks in... it gets rather COLD.

Our friend Howard played tour guide and took us on a shortcut from our hotel through the Rockefeller Center en route to Time Square.

My little sister and le Easter egg


The Lego store's window display of a Lego version of the Rockefeller Center.

And off we go...

And then... ta da!
The bright lights and the energy combined made Time Square feel exactly the way I thought it would.

My big sis & I

The sisterhood on those red stairs

I found Elmo!
And he was very affectionate...

So. The 3 of us sisters are plain awful when hungry... collectively.
And we were fast approaching that threshold. 
Howard took us to Hagi Sake Bar near Time Square for some yummy yakitori! 
The yummiest apple sake I've ever had.

 Grilled peppers

 Chicken gizzard

 Steak tofu with mozzarella cheese

 Kimchi fried rice

Pork, chicken & duck

Alrighty friends.
It's late here but I'm still on LA time.
I'm in bed now so it's time to log some Zzz's so we can hit up the MET, Central Park & some shopping in Soho before raging. 

I can't wait!!
Good night from New York.
It's been wonderful thus far.


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deekay said...

wish i was elmo

the red stairs is a cool shot