Monday, April 1, 2013

NorCal Love.

This weekend was a great breath of fresh air.
But leaving LA's sunset is always bittersweet.

After a quick flight up and a wonderful night of uninterrupted sleep, I woke up Saturday morning to pancakes with Nutella and eggs aka heaven.

But nothing else beats waking up to this beauty.

The munchkins who made this weekend that much more enjoyable. 

With ten years behind us, my two best friends from high school and I never stop continuing to work on our friendship and watch it grow together with our main source of energy being laughter. 

Lunch with just the girls

Chirashi plate

Spicy salmon handroll 

Some shopping because we need to 

And our cloudy ride back home.

Feels good to be back.
Getting ready now for New York in 3 days with my sisters!!

Stay tuned!
I hope you all had a lovely Easter Sunday.

Let's make it through this week with a great attitude, yeah? 


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