Saturday, April 6, 2013

Central Park & The Met.

Hello friends!
This is going to be the fastest blog post I've ever completed as my sister waits impatiently in our hotel room for me to finish so we can hit up Fifth Ave. for some shopping.

Yesterday, we woke up early (early being... noon) to a beeeaaauuutiful day in New York!
I had been anticipating cold weather but it was warmer than most trips up north to San Fran believe it or not.

So we took full advantage and took the subway to Central Park.

Bee-tee-dub, this is my first time on any subway.

It honestly wasn't as bad as everyone told me it would be.
So far: 
1.) I have not spotted any rats.
2.) There haven't been any suspect looking passengers doing bizarre things (by my definition).
3.) And it has only spelled of urine once or twice in which both cases, I simply breathed through my mouf.

{Jacket: MMC, Tank: ON, Plaid shirt: JCrew, Body bag: Calvin Klein, Sunnies: Ray Ban Clubmasters}

I don't want to jinx myself but we haven't gotten lost or accidentally taken the wrong subway a single time yet.

Me and my big sis
Who doesn't look so big next to me...

I always imagined Central Park to look like that one episode of Sex in the City where Charlotte is afraid to run when she was preggers.
But instead, it looked like this.
And I cannot complain.
It was so serene.

I am not really big on nature or exercising, so... we were over it.
And it was off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

 ...I could not believe how many people were here... on a weekday.
I'd be surprised if LACMA ever generated this much activity.

The view from the steps of the Met

Jennifer's "breakfast" since she slept in and missed our divine continental breakfast

Big sis, little sis & me.

After the Met, we were starving so I had to try what everyone claims rivals In N Out burgers in Cali.

 I really went to Shake Shack with an open mind...
But c'mon.
In N Out totally trumps this.

Even if it's filled with gooey cheese.

My essentials for the day: phone + Clubmasters

After a quick shopping trip to SoHo, we came back to the hotel for a little ourves d'oeuvres at the lounge before getting ready to go out with some NY friends

And then... it was time for the craziest night of the calendar year thus far.

I had to wear the faux fur.



Okay, I'm being rushed.
I have to go now.

But it will be another whirlwind of a night here so I'm excited!
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


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Deekay said...

Did you try a burger with meat? That's not a fair comparison if you didn't.