Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bye LA!

I never had the itch to travel or really seek anything LA didn't already offer.
Till now.

I have this insatiable desire to see what is out there.
But before I jump outside country parameters, why not start with New York?

{Besides, my next option was to go to Korea but that's a little sketch right now according to the news}

So I'll be picked up for the airport in about... two hours.
It is currently 3 am and I am not done packing.
So what do I decide to do?

1. Watch Magic Mike
2. Blog about it

Masochist to the maximus.

Alright now that I did absolutely everything I don't need to do... I guess it's time to crank out the rest of my packing.

I'm going to miss LA's beautiful weather this weekend for a more frigid scene, but I can't wait to explore the city with my fabulous sisters!
I've always been waiting for the perfect time to go on a vacation, but to keep it real with you, there is no perfect time.
You just have to GO.

So I'm going!
And I couldn't be more excited.
You can keep up with my via my Instagram @PrettyStems

I'll be updating so keep posted!


1 comment:

Kat said...

Amen to the quote about waiting. I truly believe you will never be ready for anything. You do it, work hard, and hope for the best!