Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Good morning!

With my trips coming up these next three weekends, I am finding myself completely overwhelmed at the thought of:

I'm a planner (and control freak) by nature. 
Which doesn't go so well with trips with questionable weather, spontaneous activities and an unknown number of miles to walk.
It's safe to say the mere thought of these variables make me STRESS OUT in terms of WHAT I'm supposed to even pack!

Okay, first world problems.
But seriously... what is your packing strategy?!

What if I'm too cold? What if I'm too hot?
What if heels are out of the question but we want to go out?

I have a method that has worked out for me (somewhat).
Although I take these things into consideration, I am still finding myself permanently unsatisfied with what I brought. Am I alone with this?

1.) I must rely on my weather app which is I'd say ~90% accurate:

I realize not every city can be as fabulous with weather as Los Angeles.
But now this means... jackets + boots = more space in my suitcase.
See what I mean?
This situation begins to make me really nervous.

2.) Make a list.

The list goes in chronological order by days away, and two outfits to plan: day/night (with weather being a heavy determining factor in which articles to pull from the closet. CAN'T I JUST TAKE MY WHOLE CLOSET WITH ME??)

So. This is where I am stuck.

All I know is... I have new leather sweats that I'm bringing with me to SF and NY.
I can't wait for them to make their debut.

3. Ask yourself: And will it all fit?
One of my mottos since high school where I'd squeeze myself into my little sister's clothes is:

I'll make it fit.


Wish me luck!
Have a fabulous day!



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Marley said...

Cant wait to see these leather sweats!