Saturday, January 5, 2013


Hi friends!
How was your New Years celebration?

I'm kind of late on updating, my apologies.
But I have felt overly compelled to share with you a prediction I am making upon seeing some glorious pieces:

I predict the prints from Acne's Resort 2013 collection will be seen heavily on the streets.

I don't believe colorful print is going anywhere anytime soon.
And I'm not complaining.

I'm also still enamored with denim do's:

I'm itching to wear my ombre denim shirt...
You shall see soon enough!

And lastly, the suit look.

I love it all!

Okay I am setting a goal to update more on Pretty Stems so stay tuned!
I'll be posting the journey of my closet on Instagram daily so follow me @PrettyStems for some inspiration should you need or want it.

Oh and I eat a lot so there are food photos to love too.

I hope you all enjoyed your first week of the new year.
I'm excited beyond words with all the new projects and plans for 2013.
I am sure it's going to be grand!

Enjoy your weekend~!

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John Hilston said...

Different colors, same dressing theme, loved it.
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