Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Hello friends!

Just a quick recap of Christmas this year.
I had the best Christmas thus far and it was truly a great time with my amazing family.
Love love love them.

This year, I decided to put all my Pinterest/Tumblr/Blogging craze to use and design and decorate our dinner setting for our dinner.

What started out as my idea for a red and gold theme, became... red, green and gold.
I kind of love it.

For the party favors, I filled little glass vases with mini ornaments and silver pine cones with a name card for specifying seating arrangement.

We typically split our parents from the crazy cousins and eat separately, but I really wanted the entire family together so we can eat, drink and be merry side by side- despite age range.

Our family has an issue with canines though.
So with the holidays, comes each family's 2-3 dogs that come to cause chaos during the entire holiday.

Our two new additions:
My little sister's new puppy Sophie

My cousin Marcus' new puppy Terry

We had amazing food throughout the entire day starting with my older sister's breakfast.
This is our Christmas miracle.. as most of her meals are typically frozen, thawed and then nuked in the microwave.

She pulled out the big guns for our breakfast:
Her blueberry buttons on our snowmen pancakes were adorable

My mother's 14 pound prime rib that is now all gone 
We can eat.

Cinnamon walnut coffee cake
My mother. Is the best cook ever.

We played games, exchanged gifts, and most importantly just hung out.

My mom showing off her new apron

My cousins & I

My grandmothers

My little sister & I

My sisters & I

And I leave you with my favorite gift of the night:
A new ring holder.

We have a week before we close the year and I hope you have a memorable time!
Live every day to its fullest!



Anonymous said...

Great photos, your table is set out so nicely!

Jason Martin said...

Love this presentation, thanks for sharing it with us.
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