Monday, November 19, 2012


This morning as I was putting le outfit together, I realized how important it is to remain inspired be it with fashion, work, love- all areas of your life.

Without inspiration, we grow tired and things that you once loved become mundane.
Although social media has its pros and cons, overall, I'm so grateful for this developing medium that keeps me on fire for all things fashion and gives me an outlet to share it with those who care.

On that note, today's inspiration came from at least a decade ago when Stussy was really the hottest thing to wear.

{Chambray Shirt: MC, Stussy shirt, oxblood leather shorts: ASOS, necklace: fashion district, ring: Cheap Monday, bracelet: F21, Wedges: MakeMeChic} 

 The cyclical nature of fashion is comforting.

{Pics posted also on Instagram @Prettystems}

This also makes me a terrible hoarder as I insist I cannot let go of items as I am convinced that it {whatever "it" is} will come back. 

Inspiration today came from...
Thinking of getting my shirt in gray now...

This color is going to be THE COLOR of fall/winter.

I hope you all have a great Monday.
I'm sure this short week will be quick!
In the meantime, try to enjoy your days by filling them with laughter.
God bless my friends and family who keep me cracking up. 


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