Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Nowadays, companies must put out monthly lookbooks to showcase their current line, and as an avid fan of editorials, I can't say that I mind. 

It's like a digital mini-magazine that shows up in your email almost daily if you've subscribed to as many as I have and sometimes, they get lost in the shuffle, but once in a while, a really good one will catch my eye.

And it's on that note that I say my goodness Nasty Gal, you did an amazing job with your November images!

This one's my fav.
I'm not even a fan of mesh but this makes me feel like I must own this RIGHT. NOW.

Slowly getting the itch... I think I'm going to need a metallic pleated skirt soon.

I mean... it's kind of amazing don't you think??

Alrighty, well I'm sorry I'm lagging on my own blog posts, but I've relapsed into Instagram mode again (I know!).

I'm doing outfit posts and pics so follow me there too!

And when time permits, I do my own little outfit inspiration pics:
Inspired by Opening Ceremony's varsity jackets.

But it is far too warm here in LA for November.
I couldn't even wear the darn thing.
90 degrees!

This was yesterday's election day inspired patriotic themed outfit

This weekend I'll be out on the town with my camera in hand so do expect a post soon!

Have a fabulous day friends & followers!


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