Friday, November 30, 2012


This has been a week of playing catch-up for me, what about you?
After my Thanksgiving weekend on a cruise in Ensenada, a delay in a post is allowed I hope!

Without further adieu...
Thanksgiving morning consisted of me staring at my empty luggage suitcase and wanting brunch with my bestie.
{Boots: MMC}
I cannot remember the last time it was cold enough to wear pants in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving

Spruced up for the family gathering for our very non-traditional dinner before we embarked
{Brown linen skirt: MMC, White tank: H&M, brown belt & headband: BP, Ankle Boots: MMC & Clutch: Kate Spade & Garance Dore collaboration}

Our very non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner:
 Steak, salmon, bruschetta and caprese kabobs

= = =

Packing is always arduous as I without fail, always want to pack my entire closet if I am to stay somewhere beyond 24 hours. 

So getting ready to board a ship with heavy duty luggage and 20 family members required a very casual and comfortable outfit
{Rolling Stones T-shirt: Target, Denim Shorts: F21, Sunnies: LA Fashion District, Red Converse}

And off we go!

My little sister & I 
Ain't she a cutie?

We were allowed one bottle of vino from home.
We took advantage of such generosity.

{Romper: F21}
Day 2

Cousins galore and le photo bomber in the back

My sisters & I plus our fabulous cousins from Denver on our way off the boat and into Ensenada, Mexico

My souvenir for myself 

Ensenada Plaza

And then it's time to get back on da boat
My sisters & I

Night of our formal dinner
Little black dress with a little bit of lace

Family means the world to me
And so does this cousin of mine
Narie & I 

I'll miss you boo!

{Denim Jacket: AE, Tank: H&M, Black sheer slit maxi skirt: Zara
Day 3
And definitely reaching cabin fever status

My only relief?
Chocolate cake and lattes.
Works. Every. Time.

Although a little R&R is nice, I was ready to get back to Los Angeles and land.
As much as people moan about the daily grind, I for one, missed everything about my daily grind.

...especially my limitless wifi. 
Good God my phone bill!

= = = 

It's been fun doing a daily outfit pic for my followers and friends on Instagram so please feel free to follow @PrettyStems for some inspiration!

Felt compelled to combine neon + leather from Vanessa, the lovely blogger of The Haute Pursuit
{Neon Green Sweater: Target (right?!), Leather Skirt: Planet Funk, Studded Ankle Boots: MMC, Marc Jacobs Wristlet, Necklace: F21

Combining camo + leather in my new Michael Kors leggings and Jeffrey Campbell heels I kind of sort of am obsessed with.
{Camo jacket: Old Navy, Leather leggings: Michael Kors, High Heels: Jeffrey Campbell}

Rainy day weather can't slow fashion down
{Leather Jacket & Studded Boots: Zara, Jersey Dress: H&M, Denim Vest: BP, Gray knit scarf: F21}
Again, my favorite combination of black leather, gray and denim

I'm off to the lovely city of San Diego for the weekend... but not before a Laker Game with some ladies I love. 
Updates to come!

In the meantime, have a fabulous weekend yourselves!
Here's a little tidbit of inspiration on my mind as the year winds down...

We do not exist as lone beings despite the isolation we may feel at times.
So remember, every day we touch lives.
It's only right we try to make beautiful connections while we're here.


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