Friday, October 5, 2012

Sweater Weather.

Hi friends!

Sorry, I've been missing all week due to the busy-ness that life brings, but I am oh so happy to see (and feel) that it's time to start folding away some of my summer gear.

That's right.
It is no longer in the triple digits anymore and the night time brings a chill with it.
Thus, I have concluded:

It's sweater weather time.

The beauty of sweaters is first and foremost, the comfortability they bring.
The word 'sweater' just evokes images of fireplaces and hot cocoa for me.

I know we all have our special stash of winter sweaters we reach for as they are in heavy rotation alongside our scarves and boots.

Here are some of my favorites designs and ways to wear them:
Living in Los Angeles, we don't really have a 'real winter.'
So this is as real as it gets for me.
Black skinnies, loose knit sweater, black combat boots and your hair thrown up in a messy bun.

By the way, that hairstyle... have you noticed it takes you forever to try to get it right?
But that one time you do it just to get your bangs out of your face, it looks amazing?

I digress...

For all my SoCal ladies, or just those who don't want to let go of summer (I understand), a great transitional look would be a loose v-neck sweater over a mini skirt with a pair of gladiator sandals.
Again, it just looks so comfy.

What always ends up being my winter uniform worn at least once a week is an all-black-everything look.
Shorts, tights, ankle boots and a great oversized black sweater with a scarf to add a little more drama should you need it.

Graphics have been all the rage lately with the sweaters, and I'm still not over it yet.
It's just too easy and too cute to stop.
All hail Kate Lanphear for showing us how to perfect this look.

And what's a little bold, but definitely fun, are the chunky bright striped sweaters you can layer over a collared shirt- chambray possibly. 
And I'm bringing hats into my winter gear this season.
Beanies especially.

Whatever your style and take on sweaters, I think we can all agree that we're just happy the time has come to need them.

With the change of seasons comes a shift in our lives should we care to reflect on that.
October's always a special month for me and I do hope we all have a fabulous time together with it.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!
I'm off to go see the Black Keys perform~!

Updates to come.


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Jay said...

I love the looks! Especially the second pictures with the combat boots. Maybe you could guide as to where we can buy the boots/clothing or somewhere similar? That would be awesome.

Anyways, you're gorgeous and keep these looks coming! <3