Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday Fashion Night.

Friday night was the wrap up to LA Fashion Week for yours truly, and we left on a high note at Vibiana for the Style Fashion Week show!
I took my two sisters with me as our annual tradition and we were not disappointed.

Getting seated and appreciating the architecture of this venue.

Having to repeat everything I say to my sisters at least twice due to electronic device distractions.
I too am guilty of such obnoxious behavior.
I'm not gonna lie.

Yours truly getting comfy

This year, they set up 3D TV's all around the runway
The glasses were thus used as props

First show: Alexis Monsanto 

This was my "Oooo" moment of the show

We took a short break before the second show came on so it was time to rub elbows with fellow Angelenos 

{Skirt: PlanetFunk, Tank: ON, High Heels: Ungaro}
My little sister and I

Obnoxious electronic distraction moment
"What did you say?"

 Part two: Furne One
We saw Furne One's show last year, and we were super excited to see his line again.
Thanks to celebrities like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, his style is really heavy in the entertainment industry.

 One of my fav's!
And this is me being nosy and wanting to peek behind the runway

 Oh the drama~

We decided to be extra fabulous last night and top off our night by indulging in taco truck yummies.
This was a great show and I can't wait to do it again next year!

This weekend so far has been all I expected it to be and more.
Tonight is my birthday celebration at Perch and I can't wait to have a grand 'ol time with friends and loved ones.

Have a fantastic weekend friends & followers!


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