Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hands down, one of my favorite designers. 

Their Spring 2013 RTW line was so gooooood!
I would wear it all.
I am in love.

I mean... I don't even know what to say...


This week is really flying by.
I attest that to a packed schedule with great work, great workouts and face time with loved ones. 

I hope you're breezing through this week as well!

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hi friends!
Technically, we should be saying goodbye to summer.. but I felt like I was melting today.

Thus, denim shorts and strategic breathable clothing is extremely necessary.
{Shorts: F21, Shirt: ASOS}

{Sunnies: Chanel}

There's something empowering about wearing felines don't you think? 

{Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell}
These have to be one of my strongest purchases of the year.
No regrets.

I like how this shirt looks almost like a bowling uniform from the back.
I couldn't bowl to save my life, but I do like the color contrast?

I hope you all enjoyed this lazy weekend where I thoroughly spent much needed quality time with my bed.

I hear it's important to do such things.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening friends.
I hope you spend it with loved ones.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kate Spade & Garance Doré

I have recently fallen in love with all things Kate Spade as their store and designs now speak to me. 
Is it my age??

So I was over the moon when I saw the collaboration between Kate Spade and one of my favorite bloggers/illustrators Garance Doré!

This past Sunday, I stopped by the Kate Spade store at Americana at Brand to see with my own eyes and touch {Annabelle stresses this is very important, and I now wholeheartedly agree} with my very own hands, the designs I must now have.

Garance makes being French look cooler than it already is.

I love her handwriting~

So cute!!!

And finally, if I wasn't already in love with my 3 different iPhone cases I constantly shuffle around indecisively and very noncommittally {I didn't even know that was a word, thank you autocorrect}, I'd purchase yet another case.

My Kate Spade goodies will be showcased quite soon on le blog, but I just had to show you some of my favs and let you know how much I adore Garance. 
I literally laugh out loud when reading her very frank and humble posts.

I hope you are all having a great day!
It's almost Friday!!


Monday, September 17, 2012


Hi friends!
How was your weekend? 

Whenever I set out to have a "chill" weekend, it always ends up being more chaotic than ones planned with activities.

As Instagram has taken over our lives [follow me: Prettystems], I feel that my DSLR has been severely neglected. 
I will be updating with filter-less photos soon, I promise!

But in the meantime...this week/weekend:

With all 3 of us in school and working, my sisters and I love to have work/study sessions together. 
Which typically end up with us arguing over who gets to play their superior taste in music while the other two must suffer.
Sisterly love.

On that note, I'm über proud of my older sister, Jennifer, who has officially opened her own Insteegram store where you can grab her latest LA Laker designs to sport!

This is a great new site launched to take your Instagram photos and print them on shirts for men and women.
Follow my sister's designs and pics via Instragram [skechgrl]

Although I'm not really the authority on sports, I still think it's fun to wear the gear to support my town's team.
Just don't ask me who's on the roster.

My sister's "Locked & Loaded" design while out to coffee Sunday afternoon.

Out with the artist herself and my dad at Americana on Brand
Which is a LOT smaller than I thought it would be compared to The Grove
But I still scored some goodies

All work and no play is no way to live.
So of course, my sisters and I let loose a bit and indulged in some sweets:
Waffles, ice cream, whipped cream.
You cannot say no.

And Saturday night of course, we must partake in some late night fun out on the town
You think it's time to cut the bangs?
{Or am I the only one who is constantly torn between growing it out vs. keeping it short?}

Well with a packed week ahead, I know this week is going to go by in a blur.
I'm already scrambling to keep up with London Fashion Week.
Did you happen to see the metallics on Burberry??

Updates will come soon!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cushnie Et Ochs.

The colors, the cutouts, the lines.
I loved it all.

Very ready to wear.

The very wise and true words of Bill Cunningham


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Victoria Beckham.

Victoria has answered the many calls to offer a variety beyond sheath dresses.

And I still adore it all...

Jumpsuits and long skirts

A beautiful shade of red.
Perfect for the Fall


Black and sheer with strong collars
I adore look #1

And my favorite is the nude number that's perfect for a night out...


Saturday, September 8, 2012

NYFW: Jason Wu

New York Fashion Week is in full swing and so far, I'm loving what I'm seeing!

There are so many designers to choose from, but I always feel the need to share some amazing Jason Wu with you.
He's always one of the first major designers to showcase their line, and he sets the bar high every time.

I am a huge fan of leather and Jason Wu mixed it with some lace.
I like what he's doing here...

And the gowns...
Karlie's veil is so fun!

And the black and white classics with a slight twist.
I'd wear all of these.

Beige can be blah.
But the lines, the leather, the sheer... I love.

Spring 2013 Ready to Wear is looking good so far...

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful fashion filled weekend!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh San Francisco.

I'm back!
And I am suffering from San Francisco withdrawal symptoms.

Hating the dry weather.
Looking for fog in vain.
Grumpily having to drive everywhere.

The more severe the symptoms, the more assured I am that I had a fantastic time in NorCal. 

Upon our arrival, we had to decompress and grab some beverages, pasta and fries to get us prepared for the rest of the day's shenanigans. 

Before a night out with my Number A shorts I love!

However, I had to check myself as the weather outside was beyond LA temp norms.
I couldn't believe my leather jacket was even necessary.

Late night raging isn't fun if you don't eat food that's really bad for you at the worst time of the night possible.
A good taco truck would have been amazing.
But you can't be too choosy at 2 AM.

And after a good night's sleep... we woke up to eat again.
Breakfast. Of. Champions.

We stayed at Cova Hotel, a very cute boutique hotel on the outskirts of Union Square.
I was just over the moon that we were able to make our own waffles.
That, and our beds were heavenly.

{Jacket: Old Navy}
My best friend Cynthia and I on our way out to the city

One of the perks to being out of town on Labor Day?
The sales, and the additional sale for being an out-of-towner!
Who knew??

Here are the highlights:
{Bag: Calvin Klein}
A very cute calf hair animal print crossover body bag

The flower vendors along the streets had bouquets of baby's breath flowers.
These make me think of my dad.

{Necklace: Rachel Roy}
A very simple but lovely statement necklace.

I believe the one and only thing Juicy I've ever purchased was their bowler bags when they were all the rage. 
I admit that with zero shame! Haha
So I was really surprised and delighted when I saw this bracelet.
The crown is actually a mini septor that binds the bracelet together to close.
Very clever... 

My lovely friends Cynthia & Amanda and I on our way to the BART

Ummm... only the most delicious lobster roll ever at Old Port Lobster Shack 
Even the fries were delicious!


With all my movement up and down Cali's coast, I think I will be taking a break and growing some roots in LA for a bit.

I don't know when I'll be back SF, but I can't wait to see you again.

I hope you all are having a wonderful short week!
New York Fashion Week and Fashion's Night Out is just around the corner!

It's time to get a bit more fabulous.
Happy shopping friends!