Monday, July 23, 2012

Oh San Francisco...

I keep thinking one day, I'll have had enough with this city.
But every time I go, I keep finding more reasons to fall in love with San Francisco.

Two steps outside our hotel @ Hotel Union Square on Powell

Getting ready to walk around in what had to be the best weather ever

My little sister & I

Amanda and I on our first SF trip together!

Getting distracted on our way to brunch
"Can we just have a party where you have to wear a mini-hat as an accessory? On my hair?" 
We entered a store that rivaled the vintage monstrosity on The Sweetest Thing

For brunch, we had to go to La Boulange for my favorite open face smoked turkey sandwich with greens

Almond croissants that make me think of Annabelle (with love!)

My friends Cynthia & Amanda as we headed over to Mission Street to see the murals

In LA, I have yet to ever step foot on public transportation simply because of the fact that we drive everywhere.
So taking the bus to our next destination was a treat in itself.
Simple pleasures!

Precious best friend moment.

The murals on Mission Street

Dolores Park
I was so delighted to see how many people just go to... simply be at the park.
Planning a picnic with friends!

Again, getting distracted on the way around the city this time with Amanda

And casual wear for a night out at Infusion Lounge 

And to finish off the perfect weekend in San Fran with my favorite women in my life, I had to seal the deal with my token road trip must-have's:
an M&M McFlurry and small fries.

As we arrived back in Los Angeles, my friends assessed I most definitely consumed 4 ice creams within 48 hours.

So now it's time to tackle this week in anticipation for another great summer weekend ahead~


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