Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Sometimes I get random bouts of style inspiration.
I don't question where it comes from or why.
Because we can all use some excitement with our wardrobe sometimes...

Sleek and simple

With some jewelry to match:
Yes please!

YSL... slowly but surely coming up in my favorite top 3 designers

Simply because I can't stand limitations in wardrobe, I yearn for the winter in the summertime, summer heat during winter storms.

When really I just want to be able to flex the versatility of my entire wardrobe on any given day.
Am I being too greedy?

I have the perfect pair of leather leggings I can't wait to pull out with a gray knitted sweater, a chambray shirt and my faux fur tail to latch onto my bag. 

But for now...
I'm thinking this will be tomorrow's casual Wednesday office look

And to switch things up
I know it's early, but my birthday is coming up.
And I am already giggling at the ideas that have crossed my mind as to what theme to make my dinner party.

Last year's was a pastel, lace or floral tea party.
Applicable to both men & women. 

How about...
Perhaps floral in jewel hues? 

Oh the possibilities...
I hope you're having a lovely start to your week!


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