Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th.

Hi friends!

Can we all agree that today's productivity levels at work were mighty low as we are all trying to wrap our brains around our mid-week Friday?

I'm antsy too in anticipation of our 24-hour holiday.
Where I plan to live it up, as should you!

Every year, we end up at my cousin's amazing home in the suburbia town of Irvine.
Where all we really have on our itinerary is to eat and veg out.
Why not? 

So I've been highly addicted to Pinterest (Follow me, maybe? @Pretty Stems) where I have a food board dedicated to mouth-watering posts such as this beauty that won't leave my mind alone:
Cilantro, garlic butter and chili

Oh good lawd.

Well I hope you have an amazing time with friends and family with BBQs, pools and of course, fireworks:
If there's one thing that still remains quite magical for me, it is the simple beauty of fireworks. 

I hope you get to enjoy it with me.


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