Monday, March 12, 2012

Floral Pants.

Spring trends point to floral pants being an item to nab.

To be honest, any type of print on my derriere makes me a bit nervous because it has its propensity to make certain curves accentuated when that really wouldn't have been my intention. 

So I take this trend cautiously and there is no online shopping with this one.
I must try it on to believe it'll be flattering.
Sorry. No blind faith with this one!

But these ladies give me hope as they effortlessly pull it off:
{Park & Cube)

I like it with the leather.

With lace.

I have to share some exciting news with you.
I finally bought a scanner.
This means 2 things:

1.) I can share even more lovely inspiration with you!
2.) I am going to lose a lot of sleep playing with this thing.

So here's a floral jumper idea from Vogue:
I don't know about the jumper, but I do love the teacup!

Would you wear this trend?


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