Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Unique LA

This past Sunday, my sisters and I attended Unique LA to try to help boost the exposure of local Los Angeles designers and small business owners.

The event had over 300 different vendors and we came prepared to shop and grub.

It is imperative that I wear flat comfortable shoes when there are numbers like 300+ thrown around for vendors.

I love all the detail and hard work our local designers put into their own creations.

Anything bow-related draws the attention of my little sis.
My two sisters.
Love them!

 A cute little DIY workshop to cut and paste. 

My delicious fried rice by the Flying Pig from Little Tokyo.

After browsing for about 3 hours, eating and buying all the yummy pastries and macaroons I spotted, and doing an interview (!!) for the owner of the event, we were pooped and ready to go home.

 I'm a happy camper.

{Boots: MMC} 
Can I just say, these combat boots are the most resilient shoes I own.

They still look new but they were the ones that took me through 4 days in San Francisco's Market Street and Union Square and are my now go-to shoes for intense holiday shopping without the fuss of worrying about sore toes.

I can't wait to see the event again next year and possibly again in SF!


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