Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Today marks the beginning of the winter solstice.

But lucky for us, 70-degree weather in late December marks its defiance against the unwelcome cold weather that will strike at some point I bet.

 {Pants: Zara, Sweater: ASOS}


I have this bad habit of always rolling up my sleeves.
Fabric brushing against my wrists has become this pet peeve of mine so I do myself the favor of just wearing and acquiring the 3/4 sleeve.

It's an issue of mine.
Someday, it will resolve itself.

{Heels: MMC}

I have a sick obsession with all bright primary colors.
I can't stop.
I won't stop.

I hope you've all had a great week so far!

Christmas shopping is a little out of control though so beware.
Stay warm and stay tuned for some Christmas posts!


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