Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I found it.

My perfect fuchsia blazer.

Today was the perfect day to wear it too.
With the rain behind us for now, this morning was beautiful and called for a vibrant shade and a cup of coffee with my little sister to start my day.

{Blazer & Tee: F21, Pants: Zara}
Only in pictures do I realize how curly my hair gets if left untamed.
It was one of those... let me just let it air dry kind of days.

 {Sunnies: Gucci}

{Boots: F21}

I realized recently with all my black boots I own, I do not possess a simple pair of short black ankle boots without any excessive adornments on it.

So those up there were a definite strong purchase.
And amazingly comfortable too!

And now for my delightful Christmas gift idea for you:

{Marc Jacobs - Scratches made by me}

Trust me.
I bought it for myself for Christmas.
And I love it!

More ideas to come~
Happy Wednesday everyone!


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