Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hi friends!!

Fall is finally here!

 And to be extra dramatic, it rained today after scorching us at 90 degrees yesterday.
I went from shorts and sandals to boots and scarves in less than 24 hours.
But I'm not complaining.
Talk about utilizing an eclectic wardrobe.
It's been a sad day with Mr. Jobs passing away.
His quotes are so full of wisdom and inspiration... I love seeing his words circulating everywhere on every social medium.

It's time to take a minute to appreciate LIFE-
not only in his honor, 
but this is something we should always take time out of our busy lives to do in order to regain perspective.
Today, I appreciate the mere fact that we have gorgeous changes in our years in the form of seasons [although Los Angeles really only has 2].
I don't care!
I love those two dearly for their own reasons!

 But for Autumn... I'm grateful for

  Pumpkins that make me smile :)

Olive green cargo jackets

Pretty leaves even brighter when wet with rain

Chunky knitted gray scarves
Thanksgiving decorations... I mean really, orange + yellow + brown.. we should do it more often!

 Wearing knee high boots for fashion and function

= = = 
My Fall tip for all of my loyal viewers?

And finally, the winner from last Friday's shoe give-a-way?

= = = 

Leaving you on a positive note!

Let's finish this week off strong!

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