Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Versace & H&M

I have to confess...
 I am sad.

Why you ask?

Oh because... I check all the time to see if any Missoni cup and saucer sets are left for me to snatch up... but no. 

No mas.

It brings great sadness to my heart.
So if you're out there enjoying your coffee or tea in a brightly patterned Missoni cup, you should feel very appreciative and grateful.

Because I would drink water out of it just to revel in its glory.

But on that note, I will definitely make my way to H&M when Versace's line comes out.

Abbey Lee Kershaw

I think I will love it...


1 comment:

fshnvctm said...

It's beautiful. It's all classic GIANNI, very intrigued and YES BUY IT ALL!!!!