Monday, September 12, 2011

Tim Burton.

I had to take advantage of today's beach-like weather and head out to LA for an afternoon of art & relaxation.

I headed out to Los Angeles County Museum of Art's Tim Burton exhibit which prohibited any photography except for at the very end when you exit.

As a recent fan of Corpse Bride, I have to say... I was enchanted by Tim's sketches and notes that really show the journey of an idea brought to life.

Love this!

 I had to go up to it and try tipping it.
I was surprised at how sturdily it was fastened to the ground.
Before I left, I had to go visit my favorite piece of art:

Which makes me think of a piece I saw at an exhibit in Little Tokyo a couple months ago:
Forgive my iPhone camera quality.

Some other larger than life pieces that made me chuckle.
This comb is about 7 feet tall.

Year of the rat

Today's uniform:
{Shorts: AE, Tank: Mossimo, Scarf: ON}

{Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell}
My newest Litas. 

 It is decided.
I am a JC addict.
My friends have demanded a hiatus.
I will try my best.
But I even find his boxes ridiculously delightful. 

Alright my friends.
Here's to another successful week!


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Stephanie said...

did you get a tripod and wireless clicker thing!! how is it? i want one! =) love that we have outfit pics now