Friday, September 23, 2011


Up until recently, I've been trying to figure myself out.
Not that I have magically come up with an answer, no... I don't think we ever stop inventing and then re-inventing ourselves.

But as a fashion conscious woman, what I identified myself with in terms of style.
Do I want to be the Gap/Banana Republic/J.Crew woman?
Do I want to be the funky/hipster/chunky heels/tons of jewelry woman?
I wasn't sure.

But after just rambunctiously selecting this and that throughout the past year, I have found that I am undeniably drawn to the magnets of bold colors.
Just like my life, my still will live LOUD.

{Garance Dore}

So don't ever tell me that yellow and blue don't go together.


**Stay tuned for an update later this evening for my Friday give-a-way!**

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