Friday, May 27, 2011


Hello friends!

I've been in utter work-mode for the past month and I believe 110% my life is about to get even crazier come June. 
But! You have to be grateful for busy-ness when it comes to work.
However, I do have that lingering question I can't seem to shake:
What about my time for blogging?! 

So here's my guilty-pleasure-post before I dive right back in to my 'organized piles of piles.'

With the Memorial Day weekend upon us, and all my close family and friends jetting off to Vegas or somewhere exotic and enviable, I am staying put in sunny SoCal.

But with the weather promising to be a glorious mid 70-80 degrees, I already have my weekend uniform pre-planned.
Let's keep things sweet and simple with:
Denim shorts.

Denim shorts + Black top.

 {Carolines mode}

 {Citizen Couture}


Denim shorts + White top

Denim shorts + Gray top

And of course... with an abundance of cool wedges and sandals to choose from! 

Have a safe and sunny weekend my friends.

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