Wednesday, March 23, 2011

San Francisco.

This past weekend I drove away to my city.
 Outside of our hotel where we get to wake up to the sounds of trolleys, clanking glass and sirens mixed with the rain.
It's a far cry from the deadpan silence of suburbia.

Then it was off to Castro where we dined with new friends over bottomless mimosas and delectable French food.

A ham & cheese sandwich at Bisou.
The fries being served in the bright yellow colander made me smile.

Our newest little treasure we explored and pillaged with our credit cards:
Haight & Ashbury.

It is beyond me how anyone finds parking on a regular basis around here.

Upon arriving at our hotel, I regretfully realized that I left all my coats in my bedroom!
So I had no choice... but to get some new ones. 

[new red coat: Ideali]
We only got to experience a handful of streets due to the downpour that signaled me to put away the wallet.
But we will be back in April (for one of my besties' wedding!!) to really soak it all in sans the rain hopefully.

That way, even my candy bags can come out to play.
Today, my blue one made its debut to the world.

So fun!


fshnvctm said...

I like cheese especially when it's that CHEESY!

The Shopping Forecast said...

Great pics here, and really love that red coat!!