Monday, February 14, 2011


This weekend I have been utterly taken with two of my most tempting vices:
Eating & Shopping.

The cause of this over-indulgence is debatable, but I have come to a fair conclusion:
I miss San Francisco.

So I ate:
Brazilian BBQ

Peruvian loma saltado 


 The newest pastries in town: mini bundt cakes

So today, I had to live it up before the work week begins.
And who better to do it with than my sisters?

We headed out to LA for one last hoorah.
With 80 degree weather and Melrose waiting for the 3 of us, it ended up being a perfect day with my perfect sisters. 

[Skirt: Planet Funk, Shirt: Miley, Wedges: Qupid, Sunnies: Gucci]

[Bangles: F21]

[Necklace: H&M]

So we had a time constraint working against us.
But that did not stop destiny from sending me to a shoe store that had a pair of Sam Edelman's I've been eyeing for months!

And with a charming shoe store owner who offered me 50% off and a reference to the newest chic Mexican restaurant (does that exist?) in town, how is a woman supposed to say no?

Welcome Jessica's newest edition!

Aaand we're back to having self-control right about now.
Let's make it a fabulous week!


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