Sunday, November 14, 2010


I think people either love or hate going to weddings.
Any opportunity to dress up and be around those in love...
I'm in.

[Shirt: MakeMeChic, Skirt and Tights: F21]

How magical is a flared tule skirt?
I felt like a child again.
[Shoes: Fioni]

But my favorite has to be the necklace:
[Necklace: Banana Republic]

It is the perfect number of strands and gold.
It's difficult finding a necklace with that many pearls without it looking gawdy. 

I loved the centerpiece at the wedding.
It was a beautiful reception with the perfect combination of flowers and feathers.
~Congratulations Lauren & Ryu~
It was so unique!

I would love to go to more!

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