Sunday, November 28, 2010


Random photographs of this weekend will commence now:

That was as close to being festive with Thanksgiving as I got this year.
But cute cupcakes are one of my guilty pleasures.

Now onto one of my recent addictions:
Shabu shabu!
In true Korean form, my favorite is spicy kimchi broth.
Check out the jalapenos.

Just looking at this makes my mouth water.
And makes me want to grab some soy sauce.

Veggies and meat to add into the broth.

Stealing my boyfriend's noodles.
Put it in the broth in whatever order you want, let it simmer... and voila!

It's just so amazing!
And I'm still full 10 hours later.
I also think all the colors mix to make such a pretty combination.

[Sunnies: Gucci, Shirt: Gap, Jeggings: Zara, Faux Fur Coat: here, Boots: F21]

Do you ever carry just about everything in your purse so finding a simple pen takes... I don't know.. way too long?

With record cold temperatures hitting LA, I was finally able to pull out my faux fur without looking ridiculous.
And by cold, I mean hitting lower than 60.

In other news: Cyber Monday tomorrow!
I hope you get some fabulous deals!


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