Monday, November 8, 2010

Shoe Giveaway!

One of my favorite shoe designers is the beloved Jeffrey Campbell.

One of my favorite shoe styles is the chunky wedge.

So imagine my delight when these two worlds intertwined and these fabulous shoes came out:

My boo's line Bumper came out with a look-a-like:

I am here to share some love!
These brand new wedges are a size 8, but fit an 8.5

Here's some inspiration on how to wear these:
 {That's Chic}
With cropped pants and a blazer.
 {Cafe Mode}
With khakis and a floral print collared shirt.
 {My floor is red}
With jeans and a winter sweater.
With socks, a backpack and my favorite, a messy bun.

If you'd like these free giveaway shoes, comment on this post with your email address and I'll mail them out to you.
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LadyFidza said...

OMG I love those shoes! Very pretty and would love to get it :)


fidza at live dot com

Marley said...


Stephanie said...

omg jess, freaking lovee!!! it's like an exclusive it's not on the websites yet...can't wait i may have to order a pair :)

Pink Stilettos said...

This is really awesome! What a great way to 'Pay It Forward' Love it! Not to mention the the shoes are absolutely fab :) xoxo

karen said...

Ahh! those shoes are soo cute! And thank you for the variety of looks. Can you please send me the link to the giveaway? I want those!