Friday, November 5, 2010

Looking For...

My perfect Fall cape:

In black:

The coveted camel (with fur!): 

{Mr. Newton}

In soft wool:

In khaki: 
{Vanessa Jackman}

My main cape I'm on the lookout for, is one in a pleasant plaid pattern:
{My Floor Is Red}

I thought this was really cool-
In light of the shearling trend:
{Le Blog de Betty}

This is a little bold, but I like how crazy bright this yellow cape is: 

The texutres of these capes with all of its wrinkles and crunch make it look so luxe: 

And I love this woman's attitude with this cute cape with little fur balls dangling from it!

And the runways of course bring us the best in leather: 

I know it's unrealistic to have it all... but a woman can dream.

And especially living in Los Angeles, and finding a rare day in the year where the weather is cold enough to let you wear such a fabulous piece of fashion... I have to go beyond just dreaming and straight up hallucinate I'm seeing temperature drop below 60 on any given winter day.

Dreaming away now.


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Pink Stilettos said...

Great post! Loving you taste and blog :) xoxo