Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Zara Kids.

Granted, I was thoroughly spooked at the realistic thought of having children at this point in my life.
But the Zara Kids line for this Fall... made me squeal!

How cute is that little Asian girl?!

I totally wear that hairstyle on the left.
Messy hairdo?
My future child will know nothing else to do with her hair BUT that style.

I mean, can't you see yourself wearing some of these clothes?
Except like.. 5x larger?

Little oxfords!

And the denim shirt with the floral skirt!

Okay I'm done gushing.
(I mean, whoever designed this collection...genius!)

More 'adult' fashion to come.


fshnvctm said...

Super Duper Cuteness!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's terrible that there's no difference between children's and adult's clothes anymore.I wouldn't want my child to wear clothes put together like this. Yes, I agree lots of this stuff I would wear myself but I'm a fully grown adult. No wonder people are so unsure of their bodies these days; they've grown up their whole lives trying to conform to an image that fits. Let's not concern ourselves so greatly with how fashionable our kids are. their time will come..... trust me....