Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sweltering Sunday.

Summer does not want to go out without a fight.
This entire weekend, the heat was over 100 degrees, and it was relentless.

If you did not wear a tank top... I don't know how you'd survive.

[Shirt & Leggings: F21, Wedges: Qupid, Belt: Vintage]

If only it were acceptable to walk around like that all day.

The only thing to do this weekend, was to stay in cool air conditioned establishments, and eat icy cold snackaroos.

Mango Ice @ Guppy's

Condensed Milk to top it off.
That we definitely did not end up using.

My unhealthy frozen yogurt topping medley

As happy as a button with my fro-yo.

This weather seriously limits your choices in clothing.
I want to bring out my boots, my scarves, my sweaters.

I'll be waiting Autumn.Any day now.


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